Criminal Defense

Criminal law encompasses many different criminal charges. Bob has broad experience handling cases such as DWI, assault, drug possession, DWLI, trespassing, theft, and other criminal charges. Bob will work hard to defend you against a criminal accusation to achieve the best possible outcome for your civil or criminal case. 



In cases of assault, our team will help you understand the criminal justice system. Alongside that, we will work with you to plea bargain, raise defenses on your behalf, and help you know what your future will look like if that charge is on your record. We work with you to make the best decision in the courtroom to protect you. 



When charged for Driving While License Invalid (DWLI), we will work with you to help get the case dismissed. Until all legal and negotiation options have been explored, we will not begin to consider pleas; this will help you in the moment and help your future self. 



In trespassing cases, the main goal when somebody files against you for trespassing is to prove you have intent. Bob will work alongside you to explore all possible defenses, such as non-intentional trespassing, and negotiate with your prosecutor. Our goal is to protect you from these allegations and prove your innocence.