Mediation is when both parties come together with a trained mediator who acts as a neutral third party. Mediators are commonly a lawyer who does not represent either side. Mediation is either voluntary, court-ordered, or contractually obligated. It can help you avoid taking a dispute to trial– in which a lawyer argues a case to a judge, and the judge decides on the outcome. Mediation is a place where the clients have more control over the decision by working along with the mediator to accept, decline, or alter offers. 


The process of including a mediator is when both parties meet with the neutral third-party mediator, explain their side of the argument, and part ways. The mediator then gives solutions to the argument and communicates between both parties to come to an agreement, or the mediation fails, and you proceed to court. It’s important to note that everything said within mediation stays confidential, and the mediator cannot be called as a witness during trial. 

Including a lawyer in this process is crucial because sometimes offers may sound enticing but can harm you down the road. Our goal is to effectively resolve legal disputes in the way most fitting for our clients, and through mediation, we strive to help you avoid taking a disagreement to court. Serving you with integrity and protecting your rights is held to a high standard here. Our team walks alongside you to ensure that you only accept offers that protect you in the moment and the future.